I’m Tobi, in my late 30s and I would call myself a mixture of a maker and tinkerer. Certainly not a professional due to the lack of theoretical knowledge on the things I do. However, still having a lot of fun learning new things and experiences.

Some of my maker-related interest are: 3D-Printing, Development, Electronics, 8-bit Microcontrollers, Retro Computers/Games and of course all other computer and electronic-related stuff as well.

My intention behind this site was to have a place where to put my experiences and things I learnt during the work in my projects. This might contain rants, explicit language and even spelling or grammatical errors – you might have already guessed it, I’m not a native speaker. However, to allow a bigger audience to check my content and for me to keep my English in a “usable state”, I decided to start this site in English language.

Last but not least a small disclaimer: This is a private blog. The posts published therein by me are solely my personal opinions and views. They are unrelated to any business or company!